Events & Classes

For Winter/Spring 2018, we have ongoing classes in three locations:

Cassandra Sagan’s Studio Beit Zusha on Council Crest in SW Portland (you will get directions when you RSVP).

  • Wednesday Night Playgroup — First Wednesdays,  7-8:30 PM,  $8-$15 sliding scale
    Using voice, story, movement, silence and stillness, we’ll wiggle our story threads and perhaps discover new light, laughter, and wisdom in the stories of our lives. Write for directions and to RSVP:
  • InterPlay Torah Study — SECOND Friday mornings, 10:30AM to 12 noon, $8-$15 sliding scale
    Everyone is welcome to join us for InterPlay Torah study. No need to be a Torah scholar, a Jew, or religiously identified! Each month we take a theme from the text and apply the simple, improvisational tools of InterPlay to explore how those themes and metaphors play out in our own lives and bodies. Through play, we’ll integrate, unpack, and more deeply experience our insights.  RSVP to

North Portland at the Odd Fellows Lodge, 4834 N Lombard, Portland 

  • Third Wednesdays, 7-8:30 PM
    Move a little, talk a little, sing a little, and find stillness in ways we might not experience every day.  Judgement free zone

West Hills Friends Community Building, 7425 SW 52nd Ave, Portland

  • Fourth Saturdays, 10 AM-11:30 AM, donations accepted
    Join us as we explore the cycles of our lives through play, movement, story, sound, and stillness.  Newcomers always welcome and encouraged to come — all levels of participation are fine, and no particular skills are needed.